Night Pickup

Imagine having a fabulous dinner or drinks with friends, attending an event, or just having fun out on the town knowing that you have a plan to get you, your friends and car home safely and legally.


Why pay those high prices for black sedans, gaudy limos or smelly vans? You like your car, so use it. Our driver, your car; the perfect combination for a night about town.


If you are looking for the best valet service, or just the best option for your guests to get home safely, Scooter Patrol™ is perfect for any size party, wedding, or special event. Scooter Patrol™ is ready to take care of you and your guests from the beginning of the party to the end of their night.


Auto Drop

Don’t have time to get everything done? Can’t wait a month for the dealership to have a demo available? Let us drop off and pick up your car during the day.

Elderly Drive

Elderly Drive

We all have good and bad days. We all remember the freedom and joy of our first drive. As our loved ones get older, there is no reason to take that feeling away from them permanently, even though we wonder if today is a good or bad day. Elderly Drive provides the on-demand chauffeur service they need for those bad days.